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Speedwell. Speedwell is a large-scale art installation that has transformed the Mount Batten Breakwater in Plymouth into a public forum for discussion and debate about the impact and legacy of the Mayflower's journey, colonialism and the ecological state of our planet during the Mayflower 400 commemorations Sailing ships. Speedwell (1577 ship), transported Pilgrims with Mayflower in 1620; Speedwell, a different vessel of the same name and size as the 1577 ship travelled to North America in 1603 under Martin Pring; Speedwell, in 1656 made a voyage from England to Boston, carrying a party of Quakers including Christopher Holder and John Copeland. Arriving in Massachusetts Bay Colony under the.

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  1. The Mayflower and the Speedwell. Edit. Classic editor History Comments (2) Share. Mayflower with all sails set. The Mayflower. The Mayflower, known as the small vessel that led the Pilgrim's to America, was built around 1584. She was a small 100-110 foot galleon weighing 200 tons and could carry a maximum of 102 people. She was intended as a.
  2. The Speedwell leaked so badly that both ships turned back to England, putting in first at Dartmouth and then at Plymouth. Finally, on September 16, 1620, the Mayflower set sail, alone, for America. Detail from: Mayflower & Speedwell in Dartmouth Harbor by Wilco
  3. The Mayflower was hired in London, and sailed from London to Southampton in July 1620 to begin loading food and supplies for the voyage--much of which was purchased at Southampton.The Pilgrims were mostly still living in the city of Leiden, in the Netherlands. They hired a ship called the Speedwell to take them from Delfshaven, the Netherlands, to Southampton, England, to meet up with the.
  4. The Speedwell and other Mayflower 400 projects together aim to present a rounded picture of all aspects of the remarkable Mayflower story and its legacies. Speedwell was created by Still/Moving, an artist collective of Laura Hopes, Martin Hampton and Léonie Hampton who developed the concept through a collaborative process with experts and.
  5. The Mayflower set sail once again under the direction of Captain Christopher Jones. Because of the delay caused by the leaky Speedwell, the Mayflower had to cross the Atlantic at the height of.

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  1. The Mayflower arrived in Southampton in July 1620 and several days later was joined by the Speedwell, carrying the Pilgrims from Leiden. On 15 August the two ships weighted anchor and set sail. Southampto
  2. Tragic story of the man who led the Speedwell and the Mayflower The English county of Essex is well-known in the Mayflower story as the birthplace of the ship's captain, Christopher Jones . Jones lived in Harwich and was married twice in the seaside town where the Mayflower herself is believed to have been built more than four centuries ago
  3. The Mayflower and the Speedwell. In order to undertake the work it is most probable that the Speedwell was drawn up on the beach near where Queen's Park is today and careened so that new.
  4. Die Speedwell war ein 60-Tonnen-Segelschiff, das nach Plan gemeinsam mit der Mayflower Pilgerväter nach Nordamerika in ein Gebiet der London Company, in etwa im heutigen Virginia, bringen sollte, jedoch die Reise zweimal wegen technischer Probleme nahe England abbrach und letztlich an der Atlantik-Querung der Mayflower nicht teilnahm
  5. «Mayflower» ble brukt som frakteskip i handelen mellom England og andre européiske land, først og fremst Frankrike, men også Norge, Tyskland og Spania.Det ble styrt av Christopher Jones, mellom 1609 og 1623.Han var kaptein på skipet og bosatt i Rotherhithe.Han ble gravlagt på gravplassen til St Mary's Rotherhithe etter at han døde i mars 1623.Det er sannsynlig at skipet ble hugget opp.
  6. Le Speedwell est un vaisseau marchand de 60 tonneaux du XVII e siècle qui partit de Londres jusqu'à Plymouth, en Angleterre, avec le Mayflower.Les passagers de ce dernier furent à l'origine de la fondation de la colonie de Plymouth, dans le Massachusetts.. En 1620, il transportait des dissidents religieux anglais, les Pilgrim fathers ou « Pères pèlerins », et d'autres Européens à la.
  7. When the Speedwell proved unseaworthy and was twice forced to return to port, the Mayflower set out alone from Plymouth, England, on September 16, after taking on some of the smaller ship's passengers and supplies. Among the Mayflower's most-distinguished voyagers were William Bradford and Captain Myles Standish
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The Speedwell developed a leak shortly after the Pilgrims' departure in August 1620 and both ships returned to England for repairs. More leaks developed on their second attempt two weeks later, so the ships returned again. All the colonists crowded onto Mayflower, which departed for the last time September 16th.Soon after, and suspected by the colonists all along, it was discovered the. The pilgrims purchased the Speedwell in 1620 in Holland. According to information provided by the Pilgrim Hall Museum, which is located in Plymouth, Mass., this group of pilgrims sailed to Southampton, England where they met the Mayflower In Mayflower brought from Holland on the Speedwell, a smaller vessel that accompanied the Mayflower on its initial departure from Southampton, England, on August 15, 1620. When the Speedwell proved unseaworthy and was twice forced to return to port, the Mayflower set out alone from Plymouth, England, on September 16, after taking. Read Mor The passengers on the Mayflower were separatists, non-separatists and their servants who were all headed to the New World to settle Plymouth Colony.. These passengers hired the captain of the Mayflower, Christopher Jones, to take them to North America on board his cargo ship, the Mayflower and another ship, the Speedwell The reference for Philippe being on the Speedwell is 'B. N. Leverland and J. D. Bangs, The Pilgrims in Leiden 1609-1620 (Leiden, 1984)' although they do not quote their source for this. Philippe was the nephew of Francis Cooke (not John) - Cooke's wife Hester Mahieu being the sister of Philippe's mother, Marie Mahieu

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  1. or historical.
  2. 300 miles clear of England, the Speedwell continued to leak and both ships turned about for Plymouth. Eventually, just the Mayflower set sail with up to 30 crew and 102 passengers on board. The final departure city before embarking on life in the New World
  3. The Mayflower was supposed to accompany another ship, the Speedwell, to America, but the Speedwell proved too leaky for the voyage so the Mayflower proceeded alone. Departing on 6 September 1620, the ship was at sea for 66 days, arriving November 9. The ship and crew overwintered with the Pilgrims and departed back for England on 5 April 1621.
  4. Speedwell definition, any of several plants, shrubs, or small trees of the genus Veronica, of the figwort family, having opposite leaves and small flowers. See more
  5. The Mayflower and the Speedwell were both merchantman ships. This is a cross-section view of what a typical merchantman ship looked like. Most people have heard of the famous ship that brought the Pilgrims across the Atlantic Ocean, The Mayflower

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  1. The second, the Speedwell, was deemed to be unseaworthy, however, so the passengers were crammed onto the Mayflower. As well as the 130-odd people squeezed on board, there were food stores, tools, weapons (including cannon) and live animals, such as sheep, goats, chickens and dogs
  2. The Mayflower and the Speedwell were to be used for the journey, however the latter began to leak almost as soon as the journey began, forcing the passengers to fit onto the Mayflower in squashed and far from ideal conditions in order to get to their intended destination. Families, lone travellers, pregnant women, dogs, cats and birds found.
  3. The Speedwell arrived in Southampton 400 years ago today
  4. The Mayflower 400 - Triple DVD. Exploring the historical back-story of the Mayflower and Speedwell sailing in 1620, and the reasons for the 'Great Migration' to the New World. Featuring contributions from over 40 academics, historians, authors and experts from Holland, the UK and the USA
  5. On 15 August, the Mayflower and Speedwell set sail for America. The Speedwell leaked so badly that both ships turned back to England, putting in first at Dartmouth and then at Plymouth. Finally, on 16 September 1620, the Mayflower set sail, alone, for America
  6. The Leiden Separatists bought a small ship, the Speedwell, in The Netherlands.They embarked from Delftshaven on 22 July 1620, and sailed to Southampton, England to meet the Mayflower, which had been chartered by their English investors.There, other Separatists and additional colonists joined them
  7. The Mayflower and the Speedwell depart England in 1920, destination America. The Speedwell proved not to be speedy or seaworthy, and never made it. If ever a craft did not live up to its name, this would be the one. The Speedwell was a sailing ship that could haul 60 tons. Its actual dimensions are unknown

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Get involved in our Mayflower 400 Culture & Arts programme. LATEST CHALLENGES. Gallery Guide - The Box » The Box is a world class cultural centre and a museum for the 21st century; it is a symbol of Plymouth's current regeneration and future Having set sail from Southampton, the Mayflower, with Pilgrims from the north of England, and Speedwell, carrying the Separatists from Lieden in Holland, didn't get very far before the Speedwell began to take on water again - either because she carried too much sail, straining her timbers, or the direct result of sabotage by the reluctant crew Project Speedwell seeks to bring the questions raised by the Mayflower's journey into a contemporary perspective, concerning issues of migration, humankind's relationship to the environment, and unequal social relations The Mayflower Mayflower and her sister ship, Speedwell, set sail from West Quay on 15 August 1620, carrying 102 passengers.Around 40 of these were the Puritan Separatists who have become known as America's Founding Fathers. Documents that they created on board the ship went on to provide the foundations of the American constitution

Still/Moving Projects are inviting Mayflower Maker Volunteers to join them in leading conversations around their Mayflower 400 visual art commission 'Speedwell' which will be installed on the Mount Batten Breakwater from early September (exact date still tbc between 4th September & 10th September 2020) til the end of November August 1620 - Mayflower und Speedwell verlassen Southampton Neuer Abschnitt Nach vielen Überlegungen und mancher Diskussion kamen sie zu dem Schluss, an einen anderen Ort zu ziehen The Mayflower journeyed onwards to Southampton for supplies and to rendezvous with the Speedwell but after many delays, false starts and a devastating leak, the Speedwell's journey with The Mayflower was abandoned. On 6th September, 1620, Captain Jones, along with 102 passengers and approximately 30 crew members, set sail from Plymouth on. Mayflower set sail from England in July 1620, but it had to turn back twice because Speedwell, the ship it was traveling with, leaked. After deciding to leave the leaky Speedwell behind, Mayflower finally got underway on September 6, 1620. In the 1600s, the ocean was full of dangers. Ships could be attacked and taken over by pirates Le Mayflower Le Mayflower dans le port de Plymouth peint par William Halsall (1882). Type Flûte Fonction Navire marchand Caractéristiques techniques Longueur 30-33,5 m Maître-bau 7,6 m Tonnage 180 Propriétaire Christopher Jones (en) modifier Le Mayflower [m e ɪ ˈ f l a ʊ ɚ] est un vaisseau marchand de 90 pieds (27,4 mètres) et 180 tonneaux du XVII e siècle qui partit de Plymouth , en.

For help contact us! 954-755-0988 handsonpromos@gmail.com. Welcome, Guest Sign Out Sign In | (0) Searc Speedwell (Schiff, 1577), ein 60-Tonnen-Segelschiff, das gemeinsam mit der Mayflower Pilgerväter nach Virginia, Nordamerika, bringen sollte. Speedwell (Schiff, 1656) , ex Cheriton , ein 20-Kanonen-Schiff, das 1676 verloren ging We do know that the voyage of the Mayflower began as the voyage of the Mayflower and the Speedwell. Whereas the 180-ton Mayflower had been chartered by the London merchants who were financing the Pilgrims' undertaking, the 60-ton Speedwell actually belonged to the Pilgrims, who had purchased it with an eye to using it for a fishing boat once.

They purchased the 43-year-old Speedwell in the summer of 1620, leased the 180-ton cargo vessel Mayflower, and made their plans. Leaving the Old World for the New World was akin to leaving Earth. The Mayflower set sail from England along with another ship, the Speedwell, on August 15, 1620. The Speedwell leaked so badly that both ships had to return to England. A few weeks later, the pilgrims all boarded the Mayflower and it set sail alone from Plymouth, England on September 16, 1620 メイフラワー号(メイフラワーごう、 Mayflower )は、ピルグリム・ファーザーズが1620年、イギリス南西部プリマスから、新天地アメリカの、現在のマサチューセッツ州 プリマスに渡ったときの船の名 。 マサチューセッツ州プリマスはプリマス植民地の中心地となった El Speedwell era un barco de 60 toneladas, la más pequeña de las dos naves que junto con el Mayflower, intentaron llevar a los primeros colonos a América del Norte en el siglo XVII.. The Leiden Separatists compró el barco Speedwell en Holanda y fue ocupado en Delftshaven. Salieron a Southhampton para conocer el Mayflower, el cual había sido entregado por inversionistas

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A Brief History. On August 5, 1620, the Mayflower set out from England with another ship, the Speedwell, on its first attempt to take Puritans to the New World. When the Speedwell started leaking, the ships turned back for repair. Setting off again, the Speedwell again leaked and the ships returned, this time to for the Mayflower to take on Speedwell passengers and continue the Trans-Atlantic. Project Speedwell Co-director Laura Hopes explains: Speedwell is exploring the idea of 'no new worlds'. For the settlers on the Mayflower who felt they were sailing to a new world, it was a.

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Oorspronkelijk zouden de Pilgrims op twee zeilschepen reizen, de Mayflower en de Speedwell, maar de Speedwell was lek en kon niet mee uitvaren. Na een reis van twee maanden kwamen de Pilgrims aan in de Nieuwe Wereld. Ze stichtten daar de Plymouth Colony, een kolonie op religieuze basis, en hingen een sobere levensstijl aan The Mayflower and the Speedwell were two ship s that were going to make the trip to the new world. The Speedwell was a ship that was bought in Holland and the Mayflower was an old ship that was used to transport wine between England and France. They both set sail but the Speedwell that didn't make it because it leaked s The Pilgrim Fathers - The Mayflower and Speedwell in Southampton in 1620. Today at 11:05 AM. Southampton's Mayflower Memorial has been refurbished and looks pris... tine. The light at the top in the beacon is is a wonderful finishing touch. See More

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Two ships would carry the Pilgrims to the New World, the Mayflower and the Speedwell. If you've never heard of the Speedwell, that's because the ill-fated vessel was abandoned after two attempts heading to sea. The Speedwell was a pine-hulled, square-sterner built in England in 1577 as the light warship, Swiftsure The two ships set sail but the 'Speedwell' proved un-seaworthy and the ships returned to Plymouth and the passengers reorganized. Some of the Separatists had had enough and returned to Holland. So at last, in September 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, with 102 passengers on board, just 41 of them Separatists The Speedwell transported the pilgrims from Leiden Holland to Southampton were they met up with the Mayflower. However the speedwell never made the journey to America because it sprung a leak two different times. On the first attempt to reach the new world the Speedwell sprung a leak and had to return to England for repairs

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The middle and later months of 2020 mark the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower and its sibling the Speedwell for the hopeful shores of the New World. And significant celebrations. They sailed from Holland to England on a ship named the Speedwell, on July 22, 1620. The docked in Southhampton, England next to a ship named the Mayflower. This ships' passengers were 60-70 others who were recruited in England to give the colony a larger population. Some were others who desired religious freedom, but most were more interested. There are many Mayflower myths already, but the Mayflower 400 year brings new ones. The very latest Mayflower myth is that the Pilgrims boarded the Speedwell in Leiden. The simple truth is that the Speedwell was never in Leiden. The Pilgrims took canal boats to Delfshaven, where the Speedwell was waiting for them, and set sail for Southampton. They planned to make the crossing to America in two ships, the Speedwell and Mayflower. However, after many problems the Speedwell was forced to return to England where the group was reorganized. In their second attempt to cross the Atlantic, they boarded the Mayflower in September 1620 bound for the New World

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It is estimated that there were 90 passengers aboard the Mayflower and 30 aboard the Speedwell. READ MORE: Similar nostalgia and heritage stories >>> The Mayflower and The Speedwell met in Southampton and were continuing their journey to America. After leaving Southampton the Speedwell began leaking and both ships stopped in Dartmouth to fix the problem. Continuing on their journey, the Speedwell started leaking again, when the His ancestor, Thomas Blossom, had his sights set on the New World and boarded the Speedwell, sister ship of the Mayflower; however, a leak forced the ship to turn around. Blossom and his wife left Leiden for Plymouth nine years after the initial settlement arrived, on a ship also called the Mayflower

De Mayflower arriveerde tegen het eind van juli 1620 in Southampton, waar enkele dagen later de Speedwell, met aan boord de Pilgrims uit Leiden, zich bij haar aansloot. De bedoeling was dat beide schepen hier voorbereidingen zouden treffen om vervolgens samen naar Amerika te zeilen The Mayflower left Holland on 31 July 1620, joining the Speedwell in Southampton, England, for the voyage to America. The two ships sailed on 15 August but returned because of the leaky condition. Soon after leaving England on August 5, 1620, Speedwell and Mayflower aborted their voyage and returned to port to repair the leaking Speedwell.Once more sailing for the New World, Speedwell again began seriously leaking after traveling only about 300 nautical miles. (Note: A nautical mile measures 6076 feet, while a statute mile, the measure we normally use, spans 5280 feet. In August 1620, the Mayflower left Southampton with a smaller vessel-the Speedwell-but the latter proved unseaworthy and twice was forced to return to port. On September 16, the Mayflower left. After a rendezvous with the Speedwell and the Mayflower at Southampton, the two ships set off for America. They had to put in at Dartmouth for repairs to the Speedwell but then, 350 miles west of.

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But the Speedwell began leaking and both ships twice had to return to England. The Separatists were forced to leave their unseaworthy ship and it was agreed that they would travel on the Mayflower instead - but there wasn't enough room for all of them. Eventually 28 members of the congregation boarded The Speedwell is the name of the second ship. It developed leaks and had to turn back. Both the Mayflower and the Speedwell turned back, and most of the Speedwell's passengers crowded onto the Mayflower for the voyage to North America The Mayflower left England with the ship Speedwell on 15 August 1620. It carried Pilgrims from England and Holland. The Speedwell turned out to be unseaworthy. Both ships were twice forced to return to England. The Mayflower finally left Plymouth, England on 16 September 1620. On 19 November 1620, they spotted land speedwell ship mayflower. Related searches: Narrow your search: Black & white. Page 1 of 1. Pilgrims depart on the Speedwell from Delfshaven Netherlands to join the Mayflower voyage. Hand-colored photogravure of an illustration HMS Speedwell was a torpedo gunboat launched in 1889. She was converted to a minesweeper in 1909 and was sold in 1920..

parting; the one ship [the Speedwell] going back for London and the other [the Mayflower] was to proceed on her voyage. Those that went back were for the most part such as were willing so to do, either out of some discontent or fear they conceived of the ill success of the voyage, seeing so many crosses befall, and the year time so far spent This painting depicts the Pilgrims on the ship Speedwell in 1620 bound for North America, where they sought religious freedom. After leaks forced the Speedwell to make additional stops, its passengers boarded the Mayflower. Five months later the Pilgrims settled the Plymouth Colony in present-day Massachusetts A cross section of the Mayflower showing how little room there would have been for 102 passengers and 30 crew Artist Léonie Hampton, who is part of the project, explained how Speedwell is able to go ahead: This is a sculpture which has been commissioned as part of the Mayflower 400 commemorations and.

Once ready, the two set sail again, but the Speedwell started taking in water about 100 leagues off Land's End, requiring both ships to turn about and head for Plymouth. The journey seemed ill. Discover who the pilgrims were and why they chose to risk their lives to make the treacherous journey across the Atlantic, relive the ferocious storms as the Mayflower crested gigantic waves, find out what life was really like on board for the 102 passengers, and discover the secret history of the second ship, the Speedwell I thought I would share a little history for this blog. On August 5, 1620, the Mayflower and Speedwell set sail from Southampton, England to begin the long trip across the ocean to the New World. When they had sailed a short distance, they found a leak in Speedwell. So they stopped at Dartmouth, England Read mor In England they gathered in the Congregational Church of Southwark, London and together started preparations to face the Atlantic Ocean crossing, for the first time, on two ships: the Mayflower and the Speedwell. The first was under command of Christopher Jones and the other was under captain Reynolds Voyage History Edit. Many of those onboard the Fortune had been part of the 1620 expedition of the Mayflower and the Speedwell, but the second ship was forced to turn back because it leaked terribly and likely not survive the Atlantic crossing.. Robert Cushman carried with him a patent to the New Plymouth colony in the name of Mr John Pierce of London, one of the Merchant Adventurers

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Al hacinamiento contribuyó el hecho de que en un principio el viaje con los peregrinos a bordo se haría en dos barcos, el Mayflower y el Speedwell. Pero tras salir de puerto en dos ocasiones y tener que regresar otras tantas por una supuesta avería en el Speedwell, este último barco se quedó en puerto y todos los peregrinos subieron a. When the Mayflower left England, it was already late in the year to be crossing the Atlantic. The Puritans had originally planned to sail in two ships: the Mayflower and the smaller Speedwell. The second ship, however, sprang a leak: spring a ~ leck schlagen leak three times, delaying departure each time by weeks. Finally, the Mayflower set off. Thomas Blossom, was a prominent member of Rev. John Robinson's church from the time its members left Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, England. In 1620, the Mayflower and the Speedwell were to sail as companion ships for America.The Speedwell was a little ship of sixty tons, which had been purchased and fitted out in Holland for the Pilgrim congregation

The ship was contracted and boarded in Rotherhithe, however, from where the Mayflower sailed to Southampton, 150 miles east of Plymouth. Here, more passengers embarked, and the Mayflower was joined by a sister ship called the Speedwell, which had brought emigrants for the trip from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, once at sea, the Speedwell soon began to leak, forcing the two ships to return to. The Speedwell ship was a ship that sailed with the Mayflower in 1620. What was the Mayflowers? The Mayflower originally departed from an English port, Southampton in August 1620 Speedwell Court is a brand new dementia care and nursing home in Southampton, which will offer residents a safe, Planned for completion in 2020, Mayflower Court is our brand new development of 80 one and two bedroom retirement apartments in the Millbay area of Plymouth. This unique independent living with care development is in the heart of. In 1620, after a decade in Leiden, a group of Pilgrims left to Delfshaven to board the ship the Speedwell. They sailed England where they boarded the famous ship Mayflower and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The St. Peter's Church. Memorial plaque of John Robinson, pastor of the Pilgrims in Leiden. St. Peter's Church

Mayflower 400 Southampton. The 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from the UK to the New World takes place this year 2020.The Mayflower and her sister ship, The Speedwell, set sail from West Quay on 15 August 1620, carrying 102 passengers So lamented Robert Cushman, a leading light among the pilgrims, when the Speedwell, carrying families from Leiden, sprang a leak 100 leagues out in the Atlantic and had to retreat for repairs to Dartmouth, Devon, right about this time of year. In her wake, the Mayflower. This was not a happy moment for the voyagers

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The Mayflower and Leiden - The History of the Pilgrims in Holland: Walking into the historic centre of Leiden is like stepping back into the 17th century. This classically beautiful Dutch city was a refuge for those now known as the Mayflower Pilgrims, separatists who fled from England in pursuit of religious freedom. For those following the Mayflower trail, Leiden is brimming with churches. The Mayflower and the Speedwell originally left Southampton, England on August 4, 1620. However, they had to stop in Dartmouth because the Speedwell was leaking. They left Dartmouth on August 21, but once again the Speedwell started leaking and they stopped in Plymouth, England. At Plymouth they decided to leave the Speedwell behind and crowded. In 1620 a ship called the Mayflower carried a group of English people across the Atlantic Ocean to North America. These people set up the first permanent European colony in New England at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts . Later they became known as the Pilgrims The Speedwell departed Delfthaven on July 22, and arrived at Southampton, where they found the Mayflower waiting for them. The Speedwell had been leaking on her voyage from the Netherlands to England, though, so they spent the next week patching her up

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Register For The Portal. Login. Email address The Mayflower left Southampton, England on August 5, 1620 but was delayed when its sister ship, the Speedwell, sprung a leak. After unfruitful attemps to repair the Speedwell, a decision was made to leave it behind. Many of the Speedwell passengers and much of its cargo were loaded onto the Mayflower which left Plymouth, England on September 9.

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Tagged: Speedwell May 15, 2017 The Mayflower DID NOT sail from Harwich to America. Now a little about me before I give you the concrete information that disputes this. I lived in Harwich for three years and was a volunteer at the Harwich Mayflower Project for 18 months. During that time and before it, I read as many books on the Mayflower. England: 23 August - the Mayflower and Speedwell set out from Dartmouth; they are well out into the Atlantic when the Speedwell is again found to be leaking. Close. 1. Posted by 2 hours ago The Speedwell ship was travelling from Holland with the Mayflower pilgrims from the north, en route to America when the ships rerouted to Dartmouth for repairs, arriving on August 23, 1620 MAYFLOWER. MAYFLOWER, a three-masted, double-decked merchant ship of 180 tons, chartered in London to take the Pilgrims to America. The Mayflower left Holland on 31 July 1620, joining the Speedwell in Southampton, England, for the voyage to America. The two ships sailed on 15 August but returned because of the leaky condition of the Speedwell. The Speedwell was eventually abandoned, and on 16.

The Speedwell (Left) was a 60-ton pinnace that, along with Mayflower, transported the Pilgrims and was the smaller of the two ships. Later, it carried Thomas Thayer's goods from England to Boston in 1637 Példa mondatok: speedwell, fordítási memória add example en However, serious leaks in the hull of the Speedwell forced the ships to turn back to England, where the Mayflower took on passengers and provisions from the Speedwell Further disaster to the Speedwell obliged a return to Plymouth, where the Speedwell was abandoned, and eighteen passengers, including Robert Cushman, gave up the voyage. On the 16th of September, a final departure from Plymouth took place and on the 21st of November, after a passage of sixty-six days, the Mayflower dropped anchor in Cape Cod. [spēd′wel΄] n. [< SPEED, v. + WELL2: orig. sense prob. prosper well] any of a genus (Veronica) of plants of the figwort family, with white or bluish flower spike

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